Soul Songs

A Soul Medicine songis intended to awaken your essence from the deepest place in your heart, and to sing you back home to that. It is the story of your Soul, lyrically improvised through Danae as she attunes to the truth of you. Soul Medicine song recipients feel seen, acknowledged, honored and held sacred. This fuels them to step in to their dreams with greater confidence and strength.

 A timeless tradition…

This beautiful practice is common among some African tribes when a child is born. The mother meditates and tunes into her child’s “song.” She sings this song to her child and teaches it to the tribe. The child learns their song as well as the songs of all village members.

A person’s song is sung to them by tribe members at various important moments like initiation ceremonies or marriage. Villagers will also use the song to remind a person of their essence if they commit a crime or do something out of alignment with village values.

When Danae sings a Soul Medicine song, she meditates, listens and tunes into the music of your soul… your unique, divine blueprint or essence. She surrenders to the Divine inspiration of you and the song comes through. 

The song addresses your path and purpose and gives meaning to your life. The song reminds you of who you are and where to go when feeling lost in your life. It is a guide reminding you of how wonderful you are and gives you the courage to live in to that. It is always there to play as you need. A forever gift. A touchstone to the truth of you.

A little bit of background from Danae…

Soul Medicine songs are precious to me because mine literally saved my life two years ago. I was very ill from an auto-immune disease, unable to eat. My body was truly on the brink of giving up. A deep conversation with my Divine as I lay in bed left me with the instruction to “sing like your life depends on it—because it does.” So I started making noise – just moaning at first, and then tones – until vitality began to come back to me through the sound. I could feel the Divine was coming in through the sound. That sound opened into song.  I literally, physically, sang my body back from death’s edge.

 After this profound experience, I made a promise to devote my life to singing people home.


Group Encounter: Invite a circle of friends to your home to experience this beautiful work. Attendees will join their voices with Danae’s toward the end of each individual’s song. The person receiving their song is filled with the love in everyone’s singing. All attendees are saturated in the light coming through the collective sounding. If someone in the group is proficient at instrumental improvisation, Danae will collaborate with them otherwise the group can fill in with light percussion toys.

Individual Session: One on One for one hour, conducted in person as well as via Skype or Zoom. The song itself varies in length based on what your Soul is asking for. Often, the song will shift as it follows your vibration. You will receive a copy of your Soul Medicine Song in audio format following the session.

Invocation for Your Event / Retreat / Intensive: Danae serves as an instrument of blessing to initiate a gathering for other people’s events. Her expertise in attuning to ever shifting consciousness in a longer group event allows her to sing the current story unfolding as a group evolves together over time be that a one day, weekend or week long program.