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From audiences of over 30,000 to one-on-one sessions, I’ve hosted thousands of speaking events and helped millions to find their purpose and peace within.

Training & Coaching

Learn how to apply the Hero Formula to your life, relationships, family, and business. Reach out to me to schedule a session!


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  • Face Challenges in Your Life
  • Live With Confidence
  • Listen to Your Inner Intuitive Wisdom


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  • Improve Communication
  • End Destructive Behavior Patterns
  • Rekindle Romantic Connection

Family Systems

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  • Establish Healthy Boundaries
  • Build Empathy and Trust Through Communication
  • Learn How To Effectively Solve Disputes

Corporate Session

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  • Increase Overall Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training

True Stories

“It is very clear how to use this formula to grow and evolve. Your examples and personal stories made this so. I think this training is perfectly magical and I also think it is needed in the world.”
"The Hero Formula is simple and powerful. When I used it, I realized, for the issue I was working on, that I had the answer inside me, and all I needed to do (literally!) was get on the horse. The horse, LiLi, could feel the change. Our relationship is better than ever. The Hero Formula helped me get there!"
B.R. A.M., Equine Gestalt Coach and Animal Communicator

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