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These resources are meant for those in the range of “new to spirituality” to “decently in depth” with it. Those who are masters or have a large volume of experience will be better served by checking out my other offerings.

Gather, Love, Thrive
- The Show -

Thursdays, 11-11:30am (MDT) tune in to Gather, Love, Thrive with Danae Shanti.   

Episode 11

Brilliant publisher, highly stressed and demanding on her team, finds a new way through with ease, surrender and fun with The Hero Formula. Maria also needed to find a new home and was clearly guided right to it using the same formula. What can the Hero Formula do for your life and business?

Episode 10

“Get On the Horse!” Animal communicator and equine gestalt coach Ashara faces her predicament and uses The Hero Formula to trust her guidance and proceed with newfound confidence.
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Episode 9

Center For Spiritual Living Director and New Thought Media Network show host, Reverend Michelle Wadleigh (aka Jersey Girl), describes the significance of doing the shadow work needed to hold the space for our own and other’s evolutions. Michelle speaks to “what is Truth” and how do we recognize this for ourselves?

Episode 8

“Get On the Horse!” Animal communicator and equine gestalt coach Ashara faces her predicament and uses The Hero Formula to trust her guidance and proceed with new found confidence.
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Episode 7

Ro is a Medicine Woman in the Wise Woman tradition of European Wise Women, Medical Intuitive and Embodiment Mentor. She helps wounded healers and cultural change agents to become their own “medicine” and to then bring that medicine to the world. How does The Hero Formula move Ro into greater expansion? Watch this shift in action.

Episode 6

Featuring Glenn Weissel Post Traumatic Stress expert Glenn Weissel shares the profound story of his own survival of PTS and offers inspiration and tools for navigating trauma. Learn how the quality of one’s life can dramatically shift from imprisonment by anxiety, stress and depression to fully alive and
self-empowered through Gestalt and Equine Gestalt coaching.

Episode 5

Featuring Ashleigh Sinclaire Join the laughter and wow moments as host Danae Shanti interviews Ashleigh Sinclaire. Can this very wise and self-empowered woman still receive benefit from The Hero Formula? Watch and see!

Episode 4

Featuring Danae Shanti & The Hero Formula Can the 7 Easy Steps of The Hero Formula be conveyed in 30 minutes flat? Well, that and a book gets you there! For those who only have 30 minutes to spare, Danae succinctly gives you the
keys to success through The Hero Formula. Short, fun stories help to demonstrate the profound,
positive results too!

Episode 3

Featuring Nathen Aswell He walked the El Camino, found the love of his life and writes deeply inspiring music to uplift people. What does The Hero Formula have in store for Nathen? Watch and enjoy as he engages these 7 easy steps with Gather Love Thrive host and new author of Wise Inside, Danae Shanti.

Episode 2

Featuring Aja Rose Can a highly trained breath facilitator have a significant breakthrough on a breathing issue using The Hero Formula? Join Aja Rose and Gather Love Thrive host and author of Wise Inside, Danae Shanti – to watch this precious “aha” moment in action.

Episode 1

Featuring Danae Shanti and Ashleigh Sinclaire
Why is the show Gather Love Thrive the perfect place to build YOUR trust muscles in your
Intuition and gain confidence in making life decisions? What does The Hero Formula have in
store for your life story? Join the laughter, vulnerability and raw truth telling as Ashleigh
Sinclaire, guest host interviews Danae Shanti on the launch of her very first internet Tv show
Gather Love Thrive.

Awesome Videos

From the spiritual guide to those just learning how they connect with the world, I have something that can help everyone. I’ve found video formats work the best, as they allow you to truly immerse with what I’m saying, making it seem like I’m right there next to you in more than just spirit!

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