BIG HELP NOW for Singing Children Home


Singing Children Home serves kiddos who are struggling with:

– Life threatening illness
– Long time disease
– Terminally ill
– Hospitalized
– Teens experiencing depression, anxiety, feeling hopeless, suicidal

SCH provides a way for our children to express their creative genius so they can feel confident, empowered and energized to go through their treatments and know they are MUCH MORE than their illness or their pain.

SCH offers our kiddos inspiration, connection and community by partnering them with a songwriter, musician who helps the child create their own original song. This collaboration starts with the kiddo’s brilliance and ends with a completed recorded project, all driven by the child’s inspiration.

Creative expression creates energy and aliveness. SCH kiddos can use this energy in several ways:

– To return home to their hearts and find peace and capacity for life
– To possibly go home to their place of residence if hospitalized
– To experience a peaceful ending if they are terminal, moving to their final home.

Our purpose is to capture the child’s pure, magical essence. Their recorded songs, if they chose to record, will live on for family and friends. Their song recorded or not is their legacy.


SCH is inspired by and dedicated to Amanda Peebles who died one month before her 13th birthday in 2010. Soon after her passing, she started “visiting” me. Amanda “gave” me this program and named it. Singing Children Home is a vision I’m committing the rest of my life to. I’m hoping you’ll join me and contribute your genius.

We’re launching with volunteers until established as a fully funded non-profit.